Nevaris is a musician from New York City. His most recent album, Reverberations, was produced by Bill Laswell and released June 2nd, 2023 on Laswell’s MOD Reloaded label. In addition to his work as a musician he is a visual artist and entrepreneur. 

LOVE this! They have created a work of supreme creativity.

Carlos Santana


Reverberations builds on the momentum from System Breakdown (2020), and New Future (2022), released under the name Loud Apartment on Nolej Records. All three recordings were produced by Bill Laswell, co-written by Nevaris and Bill Laswell, and feature Nevaris (percussion/keyboards), Bill Laswell (bass/EFX), DJ Logic (turntables), Peter Apfelbaum (horns/flute/melodica), Will Bernard (guitar), and Lockatron (drums). Matt Dickey joined the lineup on guitar for Reverberations. After the success of System Breakdown and New future, Nevaris and Bill Laswell decided to create a new recording more focused on the dub and extended instrumental aspects of their sound. The result is Reverberations.

Nevaris released Get Up Get Down in 2012, under the name Loud Apartment (Nolej Records), featuring a lineup that includes Bernie Worrell of P-funk/Talking Heads fame, as well as Angel Rodriguez, Kenny Grohowski, Jim Robertson, and  others. He released two limited edition CD’s under the names Loud Apt. (2009), and Nevaris (2006), which both remain undistributed. Between 2004 and 2006 Nevaris got his start in the music business by curating and performing in Brooklyn’s iconic Uncomun events which ran monthly at Galapagos Art Space from 10 PM to 4 AM presenting live music, DJ sets, dance performances, and film screenings. He brought Uncomun back in 2008 (Public Assembly). In 2010 he collaborated with Bill Laswell to bring Uncomun to Santos Party House as one-off event that celebrated the label launch of Method of Defiance. In 2012 he collaborated with Maya Azucena to perform in and present Uncomun as a monthly event at Drom feauturing performances by Jarobi (tribe called quest), Pharoah Monche, Bernie Worrell, and many others. 

As a creative entrepreneur, Nevaris is known for his work as a co-founder of Tangible Creative, Nolej Records, Uncomun, and Nolej Studios.