Nevaris is a musician, visual artist, and entrepreneur from New York City. He is of Mexican and European heritage. His upcoming album release, “Reverberations”, was produced by Bill Laswell. The record is due to be released in the spring of 2023 on Laswell’s MOD Reloaded label.

LOVE this! [Reverberations] They have created a work of supreme creativity.

Carlos Santana
 Nevaris released 3 previous studio albums under the name “Loud Apartment”, featuring a lineup of musicians that includes Bernie Worrell and DJ Logic among others. As a music producer he has helped create recordings of original music for artists including Garrison Hawk and Imany Mladao.

As an entrepreneur he is known for his work as a co-founder of Tangible Creative, a 3D printing company, as well as Nolej Studios, Nolej Records, and UncomunThrough his work with Tangible Creative he is credited for helping to create “the first fully 3D printed sneakers” available on the market in collaboration with Bulleit, artist Kyle Steed, and business partner Eugene Chang. He also is a co-founder of Covid Maker Response, which distributed tens of thousands of units of PPE to hardest-hit hospitals during the peak of the first wave of Covid-19 in New York and New Jersey.