PREMIERE: Loud Apartment presents NYC political Funk-Dub fusion on ‘System Breakdown’

NYC-based funk art collective Loud Apartmenthas released their new album, aptly titled ‘System Breakdown’, produced by Bill Laswell and created at Orange Music in West Orange, New Jersey. This is Loud Apartment’s second studio album and the first with the current lineup. Their unique NYC fusion of funk, soul and rock with Latin, reggae, dub and hip hop influences is inspired […]

greenarrowradio interview

misterG of greenarrowradio chats up Nevaris A.C. of Loud Apartment about the new release, System Breakdown featuring/Produced by/Bass Bill Laswell and DJ Logic

Loud Apartment/System Breakdown album review

(Translated from Italian) “During the lockdown last spring, the second Loud Apartment album, “Refuge”, was released, containing the recording of a 2017 concert, played by a group of jazz musicians linked to the downtown scene.  from New York. The latest incarnation of Loud Apartment, born in early 2020, is totally different and sees Nevaris and Bill Laswell flanked by DJ […]

Loud Apartment: System Breakdown

(Translated from Spanish) System Breakdown is, more than a collection of songs, a compilation of emotions of a universal nature in these times in which unemployment and the urge to sustain not a lifestyle, but life itself, forces us to mix in different contexts and project the different needs of human beings by nature.

System Breakdown – Loud Apartment (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

“Enough is Enough gets to the heart of the band’s outlook on this album and on life in general…it is time for a change and it is down to the people on the street to instigate it… a marvellous manifesto put to deft reggae tones and soulful licks. Restless blends hip-hop with funk and beats […]

NEWS: NYC’s Loud Apartment brings funk and dub to the masses

Created by musician and technologist Nevaris A.C., the band’s current lineup includes legendary musician/producer Bill Laswell on bass, turntablist DJ Logic, multi-instrumentalist Peter Apfelbaum (flute/sax), guitarist Will Bernard, drummer Lockatron, and Nevaris (voice, percussion, keyboards). In 2019, Nevaris approached Bill Laswell about working with him and drummer Lockatron on new material. From the first time playing together in the studio […]

Review: ‘Loud Apartment’ ‘System Breakdown’

“The album closes with the 9 minute long Dub Enough, so spark up a fat one sit back and let them slowly nail you to the couch with almost Nyabingi style percussion and shakers for the keyboards to float and explore… this will sound mammoth on a proper loud system as the flute helps you […]

Sleep Deprived Music Review: Loud Apartment

I want to listen to this album while doing something proactive. This music makes me want to get up and change – myself and the surroundings. The revolution has to start somewhere so why not with “System Breakdown?”